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March 15

This is the make-up assignment for Antwone Fisher. Print it out, complete the assignment, and return to Mr. Hallquist within two class meetings.

March 2

Hi kids. It has been a while since I posted anything here. My apologies. I let it get away from me, Anyway, below you can find documents to help you write your Daniel Johnston case studies.

Case Study Instructions (For the Daniel Johnston case study, you do not need to do the Intervention section on therapies. Each section should be close to 1/2 page each).

Bipolar Diagnostic Criteria

Daniel Johnston Make Up Assignments 1 and 2 (Only for students who missed the film in class). Read these two cases and write two shorter case studies following the format above.

Week 16

This week we are working our way through Unit 8B on Emotion and Stress. 

Your test on Unit 8 will be broken up over two days after you return from Winter Break. The FRQ will be on Wednesday 1/4 for period 1,2, and 5. It will be Thursday 1/5 for period 3,4, and 6. Your PsychSim assignments for Unit 8 are due that day as well. The multiple choice test will be on Friday 1/6 for all classes. Your reading notes are due on that day as well.

We will not have time to do a Kahoot during class that week, so I have posted the questions here. Answers are included already.

Week 15

Holy moly, it has been a while since I updated this page. My apologies.

Anyway, this week we are beginning Unit 8A on Motivation. Next week we will cover 8B on Emotion. We will finish both sections prior to winter break. You will have a test on Unit 8 after you return, which can be a bit tricky if you don’t spend some time familiarizing yourself with material. Be prepared as best you can.

Week 9

We begin this week with a demo on perceptual adaptation. 

Tuesday we will be going over the Unit 3 FMQs and giving you your preview questions for Unit 4.

The test (50 mc Qs and 1 FRQ) will be Wednesday or Thursday depending on which period you have my class.

Friday we will start Unit 5 on Consciousness. This will be a very quick unit, ending next Friday with the Unit 5 test.

Week 8

Oops. I am late getting this posted. By apologies. 

This week we are conitinuing our coverage on Sensation and Perception, first by discussing hearing and the remaining senses, then by investigating our perceptual organization and interpretation. 

Week 7

Take a breath folks. We are moving past the brain and diving in to Sensation and Perception this week. Monday we will discuss attention and psychophysics. On our block day we will investigate the sense of vision. Friday we have an altered schedule for Homecoming, or HoCo, in the vernacular of the kids.

Week 6

If you are keeping track, we are now 1/8th of the way through the school year. That means Progress Reports are coming later this week.

Monday we will be finishing up Unit 3, with section C on Behavior Genetics and Evolutionary Psychology.

Tuesday we will have a round of Kahoot! to get ready for the Unit 3 test as well as look at FMQs from Unit 2.

Wednesday and Thursday we will have the first part of the Unit 3 test (3A, 3B though brain structures).

Friday you will have the second part of the Unit 3 test (the rest of 3B, 3C, and FMQ topics from previous units).

Week 5

Monday we will finish up 3A on the nervous system. The neuroscience coloring book is assigned and due Friday.

Tuesday we begin covering the brain.

Wednesday/Thursday we wrap up 3B and watch Secrets of the Mind.

Friday we will grade the Unit 1 FRQs and collect the coloring books.

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