PsychSim 5 Tutorials

PsychSim 5 is a great supplemental resource for psychology students. The simulations allow students to work with material in greater depth or in a more hands-on manner. Nearly every unit has at least one tutorial. For each unit you will need to print the PDFs below, visit the PsychSim 5 webpage. Click on the side bar link for PsychSim 5 Tutorials (Sadly the simulators are not available on many mobile devices), and complete the tutorial by answering the questions on the printout as well as those in the simulator. When you reach the end of the simulator you will be prompted to submit your name and my instructor email address. Please use for this task.

The printouts are due on the same day as the test for that particular unit. Some units will have more than one tutorial and all are assigned. Keep in mind this is a graded assignment worth ten percent of your quarter grade.

If you do not have access to the internet or to a printer, please let Mr. Hallquist know so that arrangements can be made for you to complete the work. 

Unit 1

No tutorial

Unit 2

Descriptive Statistics

Unit 3

Hemispheric Specialization

Mind-Reading Monkeys

Unit 4

Auditory System

Visual Illusions

Unit 5

EEG and Sleep Stages

Your Mind on Drugs

Unit 6

Operant Conditioning

Unit 7

Iconic Memory

My Head is Spinning

Unit 8

Hunger and the Fat Rat

Expressing Emotion

All Stressed Out

Unit 9

Cognitive Development

Unit 10

Helplessly Hoping

Unit 11

Get Smart

Unit 12

Mystery Client

Unit 13

Computer Therapist

Unit 14

Social Decision Making

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